March 14, 2019

Pubtelligence New York – Wall Street Journal & Google

Pubtelligence New York – Wall Street Journal & Google

Hosted at Google by Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic

Even Rand Fishkin tweeted! Although in my defence I really did say trust their advice but it is in “flux”…

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This panel will feature SEO pro’s from major brands and websites. The panel will dive deep into specific strategies, approaches, and techniques that large sites use to drive quality organic traffic to their sites.

A sample outline of some of the questions for this panel are below; however, the panel will be organic and will feature some examples and data from leading brands and what they’ve done to make organic search a stronger part of their publishing business.

  • How is SEO different for large brands or sites?
  • How do you think about things like backlinks or link building differently than other publishers or websites?
  • What metrics are you really most concerned about?
  • What shifts have you noticed or had to account for recently?
  • What industry shifts are you expecting this year and further in the future?
  • How do you work seamlessly with other parts of the business that obviously play a big role in SEO?
  • Rapid fire: thumbs up or thumbs down on certain techniques or strategies

Current Panelists:

Carolyn Shelby, Head of SEO @ ESPN

Lariza Quintero, SEO @ Complex Media 

Richard Nazarewicz, SEO @ The Wall Street Journal


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